UKCA Marking for Structural Steel

Mandatory UKCA Marking for Structural Steel: Ensuring Compliance and Safety in Fabrication Businesses

Image: The UKCA logo, representing UK Conformity Assessed marking, a certification mark used for products in Great Britain.
The UKCA logo represents the UK Conformity Assessed mang, demonstrating compliance with regulations for products in Great Britain.


In the construction industry, ensuring the safety and quality of structural steel is of paramount importance. To maintain high standards, the United Kingdom has implemented regulations and standards to govern the fabrication and installation of structural steelwork. One such requirement is the UKCA marking for structural steel to BS EN-1090. This article explores the significance of UKCA marking and the legal obligations it places on fabrication businesses.

What is UKCA Marking?

After the UK’s EU departure, UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking certifies products sold in Great Britain, signifying compliance with UK regulations, standards, and assessment procedures. It replaces the EU’s previous CE marking system.

What is BS EN-1090?

BS EN 1090 is a British Standard that provides guidelines for the execution of steel structures. It covers the technical requirements for the design, fabrication, and installation of structural steelwork, including steel and aluminum components. Compliance with BS EN 1090 is crucial for ensuring the safety, performance, and quality of structural steel in construction projects.

The Legal Requirements of producing and supplying structural steelwork:

Since the UK’s departure from the EU, the UKCA marking has become a legal requirement for fabricated structural steelwork sold in the UK market. In UK law, the Construction Products Regulation 2013 mandates that fabrication businesses producing and supplying structural steelwork must UKCA mark their products and ensure conformity with harmonized standards, including BS EN-1090. These businesses are obliged to undergo conformity assessment procedures and obtain the required UKCA certification.

This includes implementing a Factory Production Control (FPC) system, which ensures consistent quality and compliance with the requirements of BS EN-1090. The FPC system covers aspects such as material control, welding procedures, inspection, and testing.

To conclude:

UKCA marking for structural steel to BS EN-1090 is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom. Fabrication businesses must obtain UKCA certification and comply with the provisions of BS EN-1090 to ensure the safety, performance, and quality of their products. By doing so, they not only meet legal obligations but also enhance their market access, reputation, and overall competitiveness. At CDL, we offer a full turn-key package which we assist businesses in the process of obtaining certification and adhering to the required standards, thereby contributing to the construction industry’s overall safety and quality standards.

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