Welcome Back 2023

Welcome Back

Welcome to 2023! It has been a while since we last released a news article, and many great things have happened since then. At the end of 2022, we issued our 3000th certification, which is a huge milestone for our team.

We are ever so grateful to our clients for their support. CDL Group exists to provide better quality and value of service than what previously existed in the marketplace, and it seems like 3000 of you agree that our value and service remains the best within the industry.

Our inspection team has been extremely busy, covering all corners of the UK and Ireland, keeping the lab extremely busy! There has been a huge influx of businesses introducing BS ISO EN1090, which many do not know is actually a legal requirement for businesses supplying structural steel.

We returned this year to the mountain range of Snowdonia completing NDT on the pipeline running through the hills. It is always rewarding to complete jobs in remote locations with such vast views.

We thought it was time for a revamp, so we have updated our website and logo. You might spot our vans around the UK or Ireland, so be sure to give us a wave!

In the coming weeks, our news blog will feature articles, guides, and case studies specifically designed to help you better understand ISO standards, their benefits, and how to effectively implement them within your organization. We will cover a wide range of topics, including best practices, industry updates, and tips for successful ISO audits.

We hope you all have a prosperous year ahead, and if you require ISO, Welder codings, and NDT services, we would be happy to help.

Image of the view taken up on the snowdonia mountain range whilst conducting NDT
Image of the view taken up on the snowdonia mountain range whilst conducting NDT