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We are here to help you PASS, not watch you fail!

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CDL Group Senior Welding Inspector

Training for Welding Tests

If you have never experienced a weld test before, do not let this put you off ! We have had welders with all kinds of experience use this service, helping maximise the chances of passing your weld test, spending 1-1 time with a weld inspector pre-test to gain knowledge and transferable skills, ready for when taking your weld test.


All weld procedures are provided with UKAS Accredited testing and all necessary documentation including WPQR’s, Welder Qualifications and Lab Test Reports are supplied inclusive in one charge.

Responsible Welding Coordinator (RWC Course) 

This course is aimed at Managers/Supervisors who will then have responsibility for welders or a team of welders, a basic understanding of welding principles is an advantage. ISO 14731 states that welding coordination is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer, and the manufacturer shall appoint at least one Responsible Welding Coordinator. 

On and Off Site ‘Non-Destructive’ and ‘Destructive’ Testing

We offer a vast range of testing, including but not limited to;

Visual inspection – Dye Penetrant – Magnetic Particle

Ultrasonic testing – Radiography testing – PMI

For Welder Coding, NDT Services & Training, Ring (0)1686 806677 For Quotations or Email Info@Cdl-group.co.uk

A genuine quote made by one of our Senior Welding inspectors, “We are there to help you PASS, not watch you fail.” This demonstrates that attitude we have towards assessments. After all, our welding inspectors have gone through all of these processes, so they understand that a patient and helpful attitude goes a long way.

We value the relationships that we have built with our clients greatly, making the process for improvement effortless.

Welder Coding NDT Services & Training