Another Very Satisfied Customer!

It is rare that we receive any complaints but at the same time it’s even rarer that someone bothers to take the time to write us a testimonial. It was a pleasure working with ‘Specialised Group’ recently and we look forward enjoying a great working relationship with them for many years to come.

“We are an Engineering Company and engaged CDL to guide and manage us through the CE marking accreditation process in accordance with EN1090. 

They were excellent and empathetic to our urgent needs and operational difficulties without ever compromising the procedures, standards and documentation that we were required to attain and demonstrate. In short, the service provision was beyond reproach and timely giving our order book an instant boost with our CE accreditation widening our sales scope and reach. They, metaphorically, held our hands and guided us from start through to completion without any problems of continuity of CDL personnel.

We commend them and simultaneously recommend them to any company looking to add value to their business with quality accreditation.”

Glen Charles

Managing Director

Specialized Group